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Ford Seat Covers Designed For Toughness

Your Ford is built for toughness, which means it requires extra care and attention to look great and feel comfortable. For over 40 years, Westerner Seat Covers has been manufacturing Ford seat covers tested for maximum durability, as expected of products 100% made in Canada. Our team spends close to 300 hours, developing each custom Ford seat cover, followed by thorough testing and quality control processes. All of our Ford seat covers, from F150 to F250 seat covers, are made with superb-quality materials and are hand-measured, thereby guaranteeing an exact fit on any vehicle. Our products are comfortable and stylish for all Ford vehicles with a variety of fabrics to select from. We put love and care into all of our seat covers, ensuring our customers get the quality they expect and demand. Our passion and commitment are why we are the trusted providers of excellent Ford seat covers throughout Canada and the USA. Investigate our products below and place your order with confidence.

Durability is a desirable proposition when you don’t want excessive wear and tear on your seats. Our years of experience in manufacturing seat covers help us maintain industry standards of toughness in our products.

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Ford Seat Covers: Modern & Classic

Westerner Seat Covers believes in balancing the classic style and look with modern designing techniques to create a truly unique product, which is why our products are well refined—multi-generational experience to develop seat covers that reflect your Ford’s quality and style truck. We invest the time and effort to create seat covers made with genuine craftsmanship, come in an array of styles and colours, and are designed to withstand anything that gets thrown at them. Our proven approach to designing and manufacturing Ford seat covers means we can assist with all different types of models and seat sizes. We offer F350, F250, and F150 seat covers, for both front and back row seats and considerations for headrests, armrests, airbags, and vehicle models. Our successful reputation, time and commitment are what we put into every Ford seat cover. Our stringent processes and expert detailing guarantee we provide Ford owners with the highest-quality seat covers in Canada and the USA.

The designs of our seat covers are tailored for complementing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle’s interiors. With a hint of classic charm and a modern perspective on style in our seat covers, you can make your car look stunning.