The Best Truck Seat Covers for Dogs -

The Best Truck Seat Covers for Dogs

The best truck seat covers for dogs is a fascinating question. Our fluffy friends require a fair amount of consideration when we bring them into our vehicle, and it seems to matter very little what length of hair they start out with. Sure, small dogs, by their very mass, have less of an issue with shedding and damage to vehicle interiors, but they are a rare exception to the rule.


Generally, large dogs are a problem for your truck. They can scratch the seat, coat them in fur, and occasionally deposit their body waste in inopportune locations. When this happens, the cleanup is fairly tricky and can leave ugly or unsightly stains on your upholstery. Usually, this means that, given enough time, seat covers will become a necessity.


Truck Seat Cover Options

Choosing the best truck seat covers for dogs starts with identifying the differences between seat covers. For our purposes, the easiest way to do this is through the various materials. 



Fabric seat covers are widespread, affordable, and comfortable. More than that, they are easy to install. However, they are not without their drawbacks, especially when it comes to protecting your seats from dogs. Oftentimes fabric is absorbent, which means any liquid will seep through the top layer and likely stain the material underneath. Overall, fabric seat covers are a good option for covering seats already stained or broken in, but they probably are not the best option.



Sheepskin is one of the most expensive materials there is when it comes to seat covers. Beautiful, luxurious, and supple, sheepskin covers are an excellent option for those who like to show off their affluence, but it would probably bottom out our list. The exuberant cost and difficult cleaning make this a poor option for protecting against dog-related stains or filth.



Leather might actually be the best option for your truck seat covers. Durable, classy, and washable, this material makes an excellent choice for dog owners. Sure, it can be kind of hard to clean up wet spills with leather options, but a steady hand and proven formula make even this task a breeze.


How to Find Your Leather Seat Covers

Although there are more options available for your seat covers, the three listed above represent some of the more common options available. If you have an interest in finding leather seat covers, consider checking out our fine selection. We offer great deals, excellent service, and fantastic pricing, so visit our website!


Western Automotive Supplies are your dedicated experts when it comes to providing the best truck seat covers in Canada and North America. As a family-run business, now in its second generation, we specialize in designing and manufacturing automotive truck seat covers that are of the highest quality so give us a call today:


Western Automotive Supplies

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