About Us

A family-run company, now in its second generation, Western Automotive Supplies is a modern-day design and manufacturing group specializing in automotive seat covers. Western has its own design and production centre all located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. With its largeĀ  network with dealers and distributors that continue to grow, the brand can be found in over 200 automotive retail stores across Canada. Western is established and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all our current and future customers so their needs are always met and expectations are exceeded.

At Western our seat covers are constructed for longevity and performance. We combine the best of modern technology with refined handwork to create a premier product that outperforms any other seat cover currently available. More than 30 years of made in Canada craftsmanship goes into every product we design and produce. 150 hours are spent developing every design that we put into production and another 150 hours are spent on testing and quality control. Over 750 measurements are hand taken to guarantee an exact fit, that exceeds all our competition. All our fabrics are developed and manufactured to the most stringent specifications and incorporate the latest in textile technology. These key qualities help make Western Automotive Supplies a company that not only succeeds in the present but also succeeds in the future.


John Murdock


Western Automotive Supplies


  • To cover and protect the seats of your vehicle.
  • An excellent choice for those who are not content with the colours or patterns of their existing car seats.
  • Provides better re-sale of your vehicle.
  • Reduces wear and tear on existing upholstery.
  • Makes old worn seats look new again.
  • Fit drastically better than universal seat covers, improving the look, lasting 3 to 4 times longer, reducing wear and tear, all while being much more comfortable.
  • Dramatically cheaper than re-upholstering seats and can be installed at home by the vehicle owner in under 30 minutes/row.


  • Premium materials and foam-backed fabrics, ensuring our seat covers can withstand anything you can throw at them.
  • Tested and proven in the diamond mines of the Northwest Territories and the Alberta oilsands, some of the harshest and most rugged conditions on the planet.
  • Reinforced seat cover bottoms, using the strongest ballistic material in the areas that get the most wear and doubling the lifespan of the seat cover vs. the competition.
  • One-piece design eliminates slippage and reduces seat cover wear.
  • 100% made in North America.
  • Oversized buckles and straps give extra strength, and dual under-bucket straps and side anchors keep the cover from moving.
  • Still designed and measured by hand, ensuring our patterns have the best fit in the industry vs. electronically scanned patterns.
  • Full covered backs ensure not only the front of your seats are protected, but the back as well.
  • 42 years of experience and quality! We sold our first seat cover in 1976.
  • Industry leading warranty and return policy.