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How To Protect Leather Car Seats

Leather car seats are the cherry on top of the sundae of luxury vehicles. But without proper maintenance, such as deep cleaning, conditioning and getting truck seat covers, your leather seats can be damaged. 

Practicing routine maintenance will extend the life of your leather car seats and keep your car looking amazing. Before we discuss protecting your leather seats, it’s essential to know the potential damages. 

Threats to Leather Car Seats

There’s no question that leather is sturdy, but it can be damaged through: 

  • High UV & Sun Exposure – which can dry out leather seats, causing them to crack and their color to fade.
  • Cuts/Rips – sharp objects can cut through the seats, ruining the leather, and requiring stitching or replacement. 
  • Spills – certain types of liquids can damage leather, leaving stains permanently. 

To guarantee that your leather car seats are in top condition, follow this how-to guide.

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Deep Cleaning For Your Leather Car Seats  

  1. Vacuum – Begin by vacuuming up loose debris and dirt from your seats. You don’t know what could be stuck in between the seats, and trying to clean the seats without removing them will just move them around. You can do this by either removing your truck seat covers or doing them while they’re on. 
  2. Apply Leather Cleaner – Spray high-quality leather cleaner onto the seat’s surface before using a soft-bristled brush to rub through the seat gently. 
  3. Wipe Dry – Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe away any excess moisture. Leaving it can cause the seats to get moist. After wiping, allow a few hours for drying. 

Conditioning Your Leather Car Seats    

  1. Apply Leather Conditioner – Although not required, you can condition your leather car seats by applying a conditioner. A good leather conditioner will keep the leather moist while protecting it against UV rays. 
  2. Wipe Dry – Again, use a dry microfiber towel to wipe away the conditioner. Then, thoroughly clean to dry to give your leather car seats a stunningly shine. 

Spending a few minutes every few weeks can ensure that your leather car seats remain in pristine condition and can outlast your own car! 

Purchasing Truck Seat Covers 

One way to add another level of protection to your leather car seats is to purchase high-quality truck seat covers. Purchasing high-quality truck seat covers made with premium leather, or synthetic materials can guarantee your seats are protected while ensuring that you maintain the style and comfort of your truck. You can purchase Ford seat covers, Nissan seat covers, GMC and many other seat covers. 

Make sure you look for robust truck seat covers that are strong against wear and tear and don’t shift when they move – just like what is on offer from Westerner Seat Covers. 


Western Automotive Supplies are your dedicated experts when it comes to providing the best truck seat covers in Canada and North America. As a family-run business, now in its second generation, we specialize in designing and manufacturing automotive truck seat covers that are of the highest quality so give us a call today:

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