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Our GMC Sierra 1500 Seat Covers tested for strength

Westerner Seat Covers understands the value and power that comes with GMC Sierra. We know that it radiates quality and excellence, both internally and externally. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to providing our customers across Canada and the USA with the highest-quality and durable GMC Sierra seat covers. Our team spends close to 300 hours developing, testing and quality control on each seat cover, thereby guaranteeing that it upholds our high standards and value. With over 40 years in the industry, we have established ourselves as the lead manufacturer and supplier of durable and stylish seat covers. Our products are made right here in Alberta, Canada, with only the best fabrics and materials. Tested on the Northwest Territories’ diamond mines and the Alberta oilsands, our products can withstand some of the planet’s harshest conditions, remaining in premium condition.

Best known for our strength and durability, we bring you Custom seat covers that will last for ages. All our premium seat covers are made with the highest quality of components to meet your expectation. So, it’s time now to unleash durability in hand-crafted designs of GMC seat covers.

Made In Canada Badge

A Vast Selection of GMC Sierra Seat Covers

We understand that there are hundreds of different GMC Sierra drivers across this amazing continent. There are workers, professionals, stay-at-home parents, and up-coming drivers who love a GMC feel and power. We have worked hard to provide our customers with a fantastic range of GMC Sierra seat covers with this knowledge. We offer a range of seat covers in different patterns and styles, available in leather, motif and western motifs. If there is a seat cover style you want for your vehicle, we have it ready for you. As a lover of GMC vehicles, we also offer GMC seat covers for other trucks and models. Enjoying sitting down on the best seat covers in Canada and the USA. Place your order and experience quality like no other.

We are also the industry’s best name in providing durable seat covers for GMC Yukon and GMC Canyon. Our seat covers define quality and durability in your truck seat covers. We also carry seat covers for other makes and models such as Ford, GMC, and Dodge.