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Enjoy Our Synthetic Seat Covers

Having truck seat covers that are robust, tough and can withstand wear and tear is what every driver wants. Finding it though can be difficult if the seat covers aren’t made with the right materials and designed to everyday life. This is where Westerner Seat Covers can provide relief: we offer high-quality synthetic seat covers for all truck models and manufacturers. 

Our synthetic seat covers are made with premium materials that are weaved together with our advanced technology and generational hand-craftsmanship. Bonded tightly, our seat covers will remain strong and durable against all types of wear and tear, both natural and artificial, prevailing in pristine condition. We can guarantee a high level of quality, comfortability and protection through our stringent process and dedicated testing. Our seat covers are tested in the diamond mines of the Northwest Territories and the Alberta oilsands to ensure they can handle any terrain across Canada and the United States. 

Comfortable, soft and smooth, you’ll enjoy driving your truck when you have the support from behind you. You can only experience that when you check out and place an order from our vast selection of synthetic seat covers

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How We Produce Our Synthetic Seat Covers

For over three decades, we have been offering premium synthetic seat covers to consumers across Canada and the United States. Our strict processes and detailed approach is how we have established ourselves as the go-to manufacturer and provider of premium seat covers. 

We have a three-pronged approach for our creation: we spend 150 hours on development and design, another 150 hours on testing and quality control, and ensure an exact fit by administering over 750 hand measurements for every seat. Each step is designed to guarantee that nothing but the best is done from our team, so we produce the best seat covers in the industry. 

Through these applications, we have created a diverse array of designs and patterns for all truck models and manufacturers, including Toyota, Nissan, Jeep, GMC, Ford and Dodge. Besides synthetic options, we also offer leather seat covers and camo seats in various styles and patterns. Our seat covers are all made with premium materials to ensure they can withstand all conditions. 

Leave it to our seat covers to provide you with the comfort and support you need when out on the road or the highway. Place your order today! 


100% Made In

All our seat covers are made in Alberta, Canada. We use premium materials and foam-backed fabrics to ensure that our seat covers can withstand anything you throw at them.


With our simple-to-install one-piece design, our seat covers eliminate slippage while driving, as well as reduce wear and tear. With dual under bucket straps and side anchors, your seat cover will be firmly fitted at all times.


Our seat covers are water-resistant, have oversized buckles and straps for extra strength, and ballistic sides to reduce wear-and-tear. With reinforced seat cover bottoms, you can expect double the lifespan with our products.

Tested For

Tested and proven in the diamond mines of the Northwest Territories and the Alberta oilsands, our seat covers remained in premium condition against some of the harshest conditions on the planet.