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Tips on How to Install GMC Seat Covers

Once you have decided to upgrade your GMC truck with custom seat covers, in many ways the world becomes your oyster. There are so many wonderful options for GMC seat covers in terms of colour and material. Whether you want white, red, gray, black, cream, or anything in between, there is always an opportunity to find the exact seat cover to match your style.

Furthermore, with options like leather, fabric, nylon, and more, the possibilities for material are similarly wide open, and sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right colour and material for yourself. However, there is value in perseverance, and when you love your truck enough to get custom seat covers there is always time to get it right. 

However, once you have your seat covers, there is still one more step until you can sit back and admire your worthwhile purchase, and that is the installation of said GMC seat covers. This can be a tricky process as sometimes they don’t want to stay tightly fitted, or they have a hard time wrapping around the entire seat. But, that doesn’t mean it is impossible, and realistically, when you are getting quality custom seat covers, you want them to fit perfectly which should be a little bit of extra work.

Luckily, there is hope for you, and there are tips you can leverage to get the most out of your seat cover installation. For instance, one of the first things you should do is:

Tips for Seat Cover Installation

Take Your Time

When you take your time, it doesn’t mean just go very slowly and delicately. No, as a matter of fact, it has to do more with preparation than anything. If possible, remove your seat from your GMC truck to make the installation process a breeze. If this isn’t possible, then consider each part of the seat cover as a “stage” to be completed. These stages should be regular and:

Follow a Reliable Pattern

Start with the backrest of your seat cover, and pull the length of it into place. Don’t worry about fastening. Next, pull the bottom cover over the seat, and make sure the sides of the seat line up with the fabric pattern of the seat cover. And hey, don’t worry about fastening yet. 

Sewing car seat covers

Fully recline the seat, and push the excess fabric into the crevice that presents itself. You shouldn’t try and jam it in there either, just remember to take your time. Next, set the seat back into a sitting position, and now you are ready to fasten. Presumably, you are using a high-quality seat cover with adjustable buckles, so start with the ones at the back. Pull them tight, but leave a smidgen of wiggle room for now. 

Adjusting Your Straps

Next, pull the buckles around the sides and front of the seat, but with these ones, you don’t have to leave that wiggle room. Work the straps to get them as tight as possible. Here it is important to note that this is a new product, and the fabrics will have to be worked in to get the best fit. Now return to the straps at the back, and tighten them to their utmost as well. 

Here you are, near the end of your seat cover installation. Take a few moments, not just to gawk over your impressive handiwork, but also to make sure the fit is just right. Adjust as needed, and give each of the straps another good tug to ensure they are snug. Stow the excess strap material underneath the seat, and step out of the vehicle.

Now, take the time for admiration. You are done with your GMC seat cover installation. Yes, you may have only installed one of the seat covers for the row, but that deserves recognition, so congratulations. Keep these tips in mind for the rest of the seats and your work will be completed before you know it. 


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