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Going Above & Beyond With Our Seat Covers In Arizona

For the past 30 years, has been providing Arizonians with seat covers specially designed to withstand the State’s powerful sun and rough terrain. Through our stringent processes and protocols, we have created seat covers that will remain in premium condition, withstand wear and tear and reflect the style of your vehicle. 

In the beginning, we spend 150 hours on developing designs for each seat, using only premium materials, such as foam-backed fabrics. After 750 hand-stitched measurements to ensure an exact fit into any vehicle, we conduct another 150 hours on quality testing and assurances. We test for wear and tear, strength, water-resistance and add bucket straps and side anchors to our one-piece design to ensure a non-movable fit. It’s only then that we are ready to offer our products for sale. 

Our extensive process is why Arizonians come to us for our products. They know they’ll get a product that matches that is built to last, comes in an array of personal styles and patterns, and is worth every dollar.

Start your search now for the best seat covers in Arizona by checking out our selection below. From GMC trucks to Ford F-150 vehicles, we have you covered for quality.

Made In Canada Badge


Arizona Seat Covers Created With You In Mind always prides itself on quality. We have built a reliable and trustworthy reputation throughout Arizona, the USA and Canada because of our diverse and valuable product range. When you buy our products, you’ll experience this quality firsthand. 

By combining our refined handwork – passed down from generations – with modern manufacturing processes, we can continually create seat covers that meet our customers’ needs. For those looking for a particular style, we have it, with unique leather patterns, western motifs and camouflage styles, all available. For those looking for functionality, our custom seat covers are designed for tradespeople, families and even Sunday drivers. Anyone can use our seat covers for their vehicles – and be happy with the results. 

Our products are available for a range of different car makers and models. Owners of Dodge, GMC, Ford models, such as the F-150 and F-250, Nissan, and Toyota vehicles can find seat covers that match their needs. With exact fit measurements for both back and front seating and a simple-to-install one-piece-design, it has never been easier to enjoy your custom seat cover. 

For a worthwhile investment worth every dollar, take a look at our seat covers in Arizona. You’ll love them! 


100% Made In

All our seat covers are made in Alberta, Canada. We use premium materials and foam-backed fabrics to ensure that our seat covers can withstand anything you throw at them.


With our simple-to-install one-piece design, our seat covers eliminate slippage while driving, as well as reduce wear and tear. With dual under bucket straps and side anchors, your seat cover will be firmly fitted at all times.


Our seat covers are water-resistant, have oversized buckles and straps for extra strength, and ballistic sides to reduce wear-and-tear. With reinforced seat cover bottoms, you can expect double the lifespan with our products.

Tested For

Tested and proven in the diamond mines of the Northwest Territories and the Alberta oilsands, our seat covers remained in premium condition against some of the harshest conditions on the planet.




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